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The Antique Chapter was formed in August, 1982 and received sanction as a Chapter within the VCCC shortly afterwards. We are also an affiliated Regional Group of the Horseless Carriage Club of America.  Most of our members belong to both, but a few belong to one of the above only.  All our memberships are classed as family memberships.  At present we have over 60 memberships, or about 105 people with a total of over 100 cars. Our bylaws require our cars to be manufactured on or before December 31, 1915.

We set up the Antique Chapter because very few pre-16 cars were coming out to VCCC events.  These true antiques have their own quirks and travel at their own pace; we just could not keep up with a 50 mph tour with cars from the 30's to 50's (and now the 70's are in!).  So, these pioneer vehicles tended to get left at home, with a limited interest in them.

We meet monthly - a combination business and social event - unless there is an over-riding event taking place, such as the May Tour.  Our chief event is the "June Tour". This event began in 1983 as an overnight event to Mission and back with 15 cars and a 1912 Indian motorcycle.  It has grown into a four day event with 40 - 50 cars, many of them from the USA and Alberta.  There is also an annual tour for 1 and 2 cylinder cars to attend.  Our cars date between 1899 and 1915 and feature 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 cylinders.  We have 2, 3, and 4 wheeled vehicles powered by gas, steam, and electric power.

The Antique Chapter is proud of its achievements. We have gone from a fairly small group with about 24 cars, to a positive force in the old car hobby, with more antiques being found, restored, and getting on the road every year.

Our founding president was the late Quint MacAdam. Visit our Pioneers Page for biographies of Quint and other early British Columbia car collectors.

 Pioneers Page

June 2006 Feature Article: Preparing For A Motoring Tour - 1904

A 1904 "how-to" guide for anyone preparing to set out on tour.  Just in time for the June tour.  Click on the picture below ...

1904 Tour

March 2006 Feature Car: 1912 S.G.V.

Another great story of a rare B.C. car stored for years, rescued from the auto wrecker, and now running again.

1912 S.G.V.

December 2005 Feature Article: Vancouver's Earliest Rolls Royce Cars

John Peirson's excellent account of the four Pre WW1 Roll Royce cars that were brought to Vancouver.
1912 Rolls Royce

November 2005 Feature Car: 1904 Wolseley
After rounding Cape Horn, this was the first gasoline powered vehicle in central B.C.   Click the picture below to read the story of this historic car ...

1904 Wolseley

March 2005 Feature Car: 1913 White Touring
Read the full story of this British Columbia car, from its beginnings in the Cariboo to its present owner on Vancouver Island.  Click the picture below ...

1913 White

1958 V.C.C.C. B.C. Centennial Tour Video

The 1958 B.C. Centennial Tour was attended by a number of our Antique Chapter Pioneers.  The tour ran from May 17 - 24 and covered the southern portion of the province from Fernie to Victoria.

 Click the button below to download a one minute video clip of part of the tour.

Download Video

The video is taken from a 45 year old 8mm home movie - poor quality, no sound.
The video is a 3MB download - it may take a while to show.
The video should show in Windows Media Player (Recommended IE 6 or Netscape 7)

Upcoming Events
Photo Gallery