1925 - 1959

The Calder family owned the White until the mid-twenties
The next owner of the White was a rancher named Charlie Dougherty.  He was the owner of a large ranch at Maiden Creek just north of Cache Creek.  During this time the White underwent a transformation from being a high class automobile to a working farm vehicle.  The same fate that befell so many other old touring cars was destined for the White; the rear section of the body was cut off and it was made into a truck. And so for many years the Mighty White was used as a farm truck. It was also used to tow harvesting equipment to Ashcroft for haying and other work.

After much hard work and abuse, the White reached the point where it was not roadworthy, but its career did not end there. There had been some heavy damage to the brakes and rear end, so the drive shaft was removed and a live shaft was run to the rear of the frame and a flat belt pulley was installed.  They wanted to make it easier to tow, and for some reason they removed and discarded the differential pinion gear. How this would make the car easier to tow is beyond me. 

At this point the White was towed around by horses, and used to power various implements such as a threshing machine, a buzz saw for cutting firewood and so forth. At some point the radiator was removed and a ten gallon steel drum was installed and used for a cooling system. 

When her working days finally came to an end, the Mighty White was abandoned out in the “ back forty”.  The remaining brass items were stripped off and, other than becoming a plaything for the children, the White was forgotten.