Preparing For A Motoring Tour - 1904
These images and captions were originally published as a guide to prospective tourers.  They were reprinted in "A Great Way To Go"  by Robert Collins. (1969, Ryerson Press)

Starting for a two weeks tour.  There should not be more than three in the car, as the baggage fills half of the tonneau.

Filling the water tank at the garage before the start.  A funnel with a strainer is being used so that no impurities may get into the radiator.

Inexperienced motorists sometimes forget the all-essential gasoline.  Roughly speaking, a gallon is good for ten or fifteen miles.

Before packing the luggage, lay everything on the ground to see that nothing called for in the schedule is left behind.  The inner tubes, to prevent their being chafed, are to be carried in the rubber bag that rests on the extra tire.